Starting Afresh

I’ll be honest, this is perhaps my fifth or sixth attempt at starting a blog, and I’m adamant that it’s sixth time lucky! For the last few years I’ve been bumbling along quite happy ┬áthat I’d managed to drag myself out of a self destructive patch to be in a nice little pub, serving nice little pints to nice little locals, but my quaint little job isn’t my dream. I love it and I can genuinely tell you that I enjoy doing it, but I’m fast approaching a crossroads. The need to take a leap into the world of ‘not knowing what the hell I’m doing’ is getting pretty strong. You see all my friends and peers have gone straight from school to higher education to chasing very specific jobs that they’ve wanted for years and I’m here, without a clue, wanting to do something with no idea what. But I do know I want to write and create, so here I am, about to blog my little heart out.